Welcome To The Voice Wave Studios Podcast Show


Hi folks This is Rodger with voice wave studios I’m just making a quick announcement that things are Finally coming together for my podcasts I’m looking at starting my first podcast within the next few days.

Just to let you know my podcasts are going to have a variety of topics from a to z 
The podcasts will be on a positive theme and I believe in promoting up and coming Entrepreneurs and businesses not only locally but anyone that has an idea or product that can have a positive impact.

This episode is about Forgiveness, and the reason I chose this topic is because there’s a lot of people out there that don’t know or understand about forgiveness, how do we forgive someone that has betrayed us or even worse taken the life of a loved one.  And with all of this going on in the world where do we go.  Where can we go to find peace and forgiveness not only for others but for ourselves as well.

Hi folks this is your host Rodger Culver and hope your having a great day, the guest that I had planned to be here wasn’t able to make it so.
I thought I’d make a quick podcast about a cat named dude. Yep you heard right a cat named dude wow that sounds like katmandu,weird huh? Listen I’m a big animal lover, and this is about a cat that I got about 2 years ago. He’s not with me anymore and no worries he’s not dead. BTW This is a true story.

The story begins in the spring of 2016 over at my neighbors house and my neighbor was looking out the window and said Rodger come over here and look at this. When I looked out the window I saw a very tiny white kitten no bigger than a tennis ball trying to walk and not doing a very good job of it.